What the Classifieds section is for…

This section of the website is specifically for buying and selling of magazines in bulk – frequently entire magazine collections being sold by people who are moving house or just trying to make space.

Sellers of magazines simply post an advert describing what they have available, which can include photographs of the items if they wish. Potential buyers contact the seller directly either by email or (if the seller wishes) by ‘phone, and they arrange between themselves how the items in question are to be collected or delivered (see advice given elsewhere for people wishing to arrange for magazines to be collected and delivered in bulk by courier).

Sell your unwanted magazines in bulk and make space!

Types of advert – and what you can sell

‘Free to a Good Home’ vs ‘For Sale’ adverts

In many cases the ‘sellers’ of magazine collections are very happy to simply donate their items to fellow enthusiasts free of charge, and Magazine Exchange encourages this by allowing such adverts to be placed entirely free-of-charge. Anything to preserve magazines and keep them in use, rather than simply being thrown away!

But of course you can also place conventional ‘For Sale’ adverts as well, and indeed you can pay very slightly more to upgrade to a ‘Featured’ advert which guarantees that the items you’re offering are seen by more potential buyers.

Sell your unwanted magazines in bulk and make space!

Any type of magazine

The Classified section is split into different categories to the topics of the magazines being advertised; naturally these categories match those of the main website – ie., Automotive, Aviation, Boating, Cycling etc. But there is also an ‘Other Topics’ category where magazines on entirely different subjects (and which therefore couldn’t by sold through the main website) may be advertised.

Any Location

The Magazine Exchange website attracts visitors from all around the world, and classified adverts are welcomed from anywhere too! The majority of adverts will naturally be from the United Kingdom however, so if you’re placing an advert from another country do be sure to make that clear to potential buyers.

Non-Magazine Adverts

Although it’s not necessarily something that Magazine Exchange will encourage, adverts for some items other than magazines will be permitted – for instance, items such as books, videos or DVDs will be allowed if they fit within the topic categories (ie, railway books, aviation DVDs etc). However – all adverts are placed subject to the Terms and Conditions, and Magazine Exchange reserves the right to delete adverts without notice or refund if they breach these terms or are considered appropriate for any reason – so please check in advance if you’re not sure whether the items you wish to advertise will be allowed.