Placing a WANTED Advert

If you wish to place a ‘Wanted’ advert – ie., an advert for magazine issues you wish to BUY – you can do that too, but not via the Classifieds system.

If there are magazine issues that you wish to buy then you should first browse the main website to see whether they are listed there. If the issues you want are shown on the site, but with no copies available to buy, then click the “Add to My Wanted List” link and complete the form which appears (see below).

Once you’ve submitted the form you will then receive an email the next time that the items you are looking for are offered for sale on the website.

If the magazine issue(s) you are looking for aren’t shown on the site at all, don’t worry! You can still use the same “Add to My Wanted List” form, just amend the information as required. To send an enquiry right now click here for a blank form

You can place WANTED adverts too!