Selling items with Classifieds

Creating a new Classified advert is very simple!

Step 1 – Choose category and advert type

Select the topic…Automotive, Aviation, Boating etc*

Choose the advert type…’For Sale’ or ‘Free to a Good Home’

Choose to upgrade…to a Featured advert if you wish.

*You may wish to consider placing multiple adverts if your collection consists of items from multiple categories.

Step 2 – Enter Advert Details

Advert Title…100 characters max.

Advertiser Name…appears on advert so use nickname if you wish

Advertiser Email…must be correct! (see below)

Phone Number…optional (appears on advert if entered)

City…state your location (optional but important to buyers!)

Description of Items…see below for advice


Correct email addresses are vital!

Your email address will NOT be shown on the advert but an email link will appear and will be used by potential buyers of your items.

You will also be emailed access codes to edit or update your advert once it’s been placed

Your advert description should include:

List of magazine titles, approximate dates of issues, approximate quantities and the condition of items. Plus anything else you think is relevant!

Remember! It’s against the Terms & Conditions to include prices within a ‘Free to a Good Home’ advert


Step 3 – Add Images

Images are optional…but a very good idea!

‘Free to a Good Home’ adverts…are only allowed a single image.

‘For Sale’ adverts…are allowed up to five images.

‘Featured’ adverts…are allowed up to ten images!.

For Sale and Free to a Good Home adverts compared

Step 4 – Payment

‘Free to a Good Home’ adverts…Free of charge – no payment required!

‘For Sale’ and ‘Featured’ adverts…Payment made by Paypal (no Paypal account required).